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This page provides links into my photo gallery. It's still under development.

The grouping into albums is preliminary, and subject to change. Some photos appear in more than one album.

There are no captions yet, other than file names.

The photos have, of course, been compressed for the web. I have higher resolution files for most of them, should anyone wish prints or have other uses for such photo files.

The photos are not all in their final form. Some still need further cropping or other processing.

File names include the dates of the photos. The first two characters denote the year, with A0...A4 standing for 2000...2004.

Recent photos are generally of better quality than earlier ones, many of which were scanned from slides, negatives, or prints. Later photos were shot digitally.

Suggestions for improving the gallery or any other part of this web site would be welcome.


All photos, illustrations, and written material on this website William Kent 2002, 2003, 2004 unless otherwise attributed.

The albums...

Winter 1977-2003
Winter 2004
Other Creatures
Other Scenes