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Help Wanted: Collaborators and/or Agents

My DNA seems to lack the follow-through gene. My resolution for the new year: get help and get moving.

I need a collaborator/agent (or several) to help finish some writing and photography projects. Some are pretty complete and need help with production, promotion, and marketing. Others are still evolving, needing a collaborator to join in the creative process.

One of the writing projects is an entertaining book on the elementary concepts behind numbers, arithmetic, and math. The draft is stalled at 200 pages, and needs TLC from a math-friendly collaborator.

There’s a similar book about measurement, which was started with several colleagues at Hewlett-Packard as a research project. It stalled too, but there’s a lot of salvageable material there.

Then there’s a series of papers (potentially a book) on the interplay of humanity and technology. Some are in better shape than others. Some are more technical, some less so. My published book Data and Reality is an example of this sort of material.

There’s a possible book in simply collecting my published papers, of which there are many. There‘s potentially a book just on the topic of identity.

And there are some very non-technical stories and essays.

There’s even a couple of cartoons and other artsy graphics.


Then there’s the photography. There are perhaps a thousand photos on my laptop which might be of "showcase" quality. The collection grows in bursts; the last hundred of those were just added in the last week of last year.

Here, too, some are more ready to show than others. Some can use creative enhancement such as cropping in various ways and adjustment of contrast and colors. Some will lend themselves to special effects such as solarizing, color distortion, kaleidoscoping, and anything else your imagination can create. Photoshop experience would be very useful here.

What’s in the photos? Red rock scenery, ice formations, people pictures in India, dragonflies, butterflies, ravens, hummingbirds, egrets, lizards, frogs and tadpoles, snakes, grasshoppers, ants, spiders and webs, creative photos of my children, flowers, clouds and contrails, sunrises and sunsets, sculpture in England, Norway and Sweden, city skylines,…


Take a look at my web site for a sampling of my work. Which reminds me—another thing I could use help with is getting more of my stuff onto my web site.


What’s your incentive? An opportunity to share in a creative endeavor. Recognition: your name can be on the work along with mine. And, oh yes, money. I won’t pay you, but you get to keep most of the profits. I’m not in this for the money, just the recognition. This would be the opposite of the usual agent’s deal: I get the 10%, you get the rest.


If you’re the least bit interested in any piece of this, send e-mail to If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass this on. Feel free to circulate or post this as you see fit. One thought: upper-class or graduate students might find some good projects in here.


So, as I said—help!


Bill Kent

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