The Moment Of...

William Kent
March 1976


E: Do you think we should?

S: Beats me.

E: It’s an awful responsibility.

S: Wonder what made all those others decide to do it.

E: Listen. Do you have any idea how many decided not to?

S: You’re right. Boy, that sure makes it hard.

E: Should we?

S: I don’t know. Let’s keep swimming and think about it.

E: Gee, I’d hate to miss all that joy and beauty and loving and winning and sunsets and friends and everything.

S: Oh, sure. Like there won’t be any anxiety or pain or losing or war or rape...

E: You don’t suppose this is rape, do you?

S: Do you hear anything?

E: No, can’t tell.

S: Guess we’ll never know. It sure is a mixed blessing, having this choice.

E: Yeah, I know what you mean. You know, the way things are today, you didn’t have much chance of getting here at all.

S: And I’m lucky to still be alive, now that I got here. These places are really getting to be booby traps.

E: Someday it’ll all be different. Future generations will be able to get together in clean, well lighted places.

S: Do you really think that’ll be better? It’s kind of cozy and private in here.

E: Yech, it’s a bloody mess.

S: You know, we may not really be right for each other anyhow.

E: Oh yeah? Well, there’s lots of other fish in the sea!

S: Oh listen, let’s not fight. We’ve got it hard enough without that.

E: Yeah, you’re right. I wish I knew what to do.

S: Sure wish there was somebody to tell us what we should do.