Extent Tables for Object ADTs

SQL3 Discussion Paper (Draft)
Sept. 30, 1993
Title: Extent Tables for Object ADTs
Author: William Kent


1 X3H2-93-384R, "Extents for object ADTs", Sept 10 1993, by John Bellemore, Tim Nguyen, Gray Clossman and Phil Shaw.

1 Introduction

[This is a preliminary working draft of something which I hope will evolve into a discussion paper, or perhaps even some real change proposals. Right now it is cast in the form of questions.]

2 Desiderata

Suppose an installation wishes to impose the following object-oriented discipline for SQL programming:

3 Questions

4 Discussion and Rationale

We may be dealing with opposing philosophies of language design:

A conservative approach is to start out with the disciplinarian view, and only relax the discipline by expanding the toolkit and relaxing restricttions if there is sufficient demand by actual practitioners. It will be impossible to retrofit a discipline once a permissive toolkit is available. It's wiser to start out by giving applications too little rope rather than too much. We can always give them more, but we can't take any back.