KENT'S LAW (1984): The central concept of any discipline is ill-defined. The specialists in X can't agree on a definition of X. Applications, data, database, programs, computers, art, science, music, ... [and now objects].

There's less later left.

LILT(S): Life Is Like That (Sometimes)

WAFLAF: Win A Few, Lose A Few

EYEWASH: Everything You Ever Wanted And Should Have

Feeling good feels better after feeling bad.

Eva Kraproom, not lewd, dwelt on Moorpark Ave.

HAL : IBM = GO : HP : IQ

BKOOL: "Bill Kent's Object/Operator Language" or "Bill Kent's Object-Oriented Language"

Inventions (conceived before 1994):

A true story: We once owned a somewhat unusual camper. One day I pulled alongside a similar vehicle on the highway and waved to the driver to celebrate our shared good taste. She looked at me somewhat puzzled. I waved again, and she looked more annoyed, as though I was being fresh. Thinking she might not know about this sort of road camaraderie, I turned in my seat to point to my vehicle just like hers -- at which point I realized I was driving our other car.